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Finished basements are an excellent investment, but be sure to start you project with an insulating blanket of PolarGuard Panel Foam.  Concrete walls can be cold and damp, but PolarGuard Panel Foam will help you make your new room more comfortable and energy efficient year round.


  • Permanent R-Value over the life of your home.
  • Non-Toxic materials, safe for the environment, too. No CFC's or HCFC's.
  • The most trusted insulatin in Europe and around the world.
  • Easy to install (click here and see!)
  • Lower cost per R-Value.
  • PolarGuard products are the best rigid insulation panels you can buy for your home. You now know you need to supplement your fiberglass batt insulation with a rigid foam, so compare PolarGuard to the other products. PolarGuard will do a better job at insulating your home at a lower cost.
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